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Captain Experiences

Captain Experiences

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About Us

We're an Austin-based company that makes finding fishing guides and booking trips simple, effective, and trustworthy. Check out our website and browse our worldwide selection of fishing trips!

Search Captain Experiences for your ideal trip, read our verified reviews, and book with licensed and insured Damn Good Guides. At Captain, we think that fresh air is good for the soul, and stepping away from your phone for just one morning or afternoon can be the best few hours of your month.

It's our goal to Unlock the Outdoors for everyone by making it easy for you to get out there with our Damn Good Guides.

We're proud to offer over 25 unique fishing experiences out of South Padre Island. Whether you want to drop a line in the bay or do some serious deep sea fishing, we've got you covered with some of the best local guides around!

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