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Pyro Shows of Texas, Inc.


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About Us

Atlas Enterprises, Inc., now named Pyro Shows of Texas, Inc. was founded in 1942 by Walton Wilforg in Fort Worth, Texas. The company quickly grew to become one of the largest fireworks importers in the United States. The Black Cat brand fireworks was the fastest selling firecracker and Atlas Enterprises, Inc. was the largest distributor of that brand. In 1950, Atlas Enterprises, Inc. developed its now famous display fireworks product line for exhibitions across the southern United States and pioneered the addition of electronic firing in 1970 with its portable firing trailer first used at Six Flags Over Texas. Now, many things have changed as Atlas routinely performs electronically fired pyro-choreographed presentations across the United States. To achieve the best in musical accompaniment, Atlas has a complete sound studio to produce custom soundtracks precisely edited with the latest in computer electronics. The fireworks programs are launched by the most modern electronic equipment made and custom designed for Atlas Enterprises, Inc. The fireworks product is hand selected from fireworks factories around the world as well as from Pyro-Tech, Inc. of Fort Worth, Texas, a custom fireworks manufacturer exclusively for Atlas Enterprises, Inc.

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